domingo, 13 de março de 2016

Danish writer was convicted of helping Syrian family coming to Sweden

A Danish court sentenced, Lisbeth Zornig and her husband to a fine of approximately EUR 3 1000 crowns 22500, each, for human trafficking

"I'm furious, all that go beyond an acquittal is wrong. What I've done for these people was very little, and I'm not saying this to apologize. Some people do much more to ensure that if you take care of these refugees, "said Lisbeth Zornig after leaving the Court of Nykøbing.

Lisbeth Zornig led Syria family of Rødbyhavn home in Copenhagen. From there, the husband took the six members of the family to the train station, where they bought the tickets to get to Sweden.

The police revealed that in Denmark 279 people are subject to ide ntical procedures, for acts committed between September and February 2015 2016 February.

In recent months, Sweden and Denmark have made the refugee reception conditions more stringent.

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