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Radar: between "Brexit" and the honey of cannabis, two grandmothers in a Lamborghini

A clear majority of the citizens of six European countries want the United Kingdom do not come out of the European Union (EU), unveiled a study of opinion conducted in Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Poland and Sweden.

In Spain, Poland and Ireland, about 80% of respondents are in favour of the continuity of Britain in the EU. Soon after, arise and Sweden Germany. Quite divided is France, where only 56% want the United Kingdom to stay on the block

The study was conducted by the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with a think-tank of Germany and with a sample of 8000 people.

The United Kingdom decides to continue in the European Union in a referendum sch eduled for June 23.

More information: Guardian

The Week.

Are increasingly the British born in Ireland who are asking Irish passport to maintain the advantages of European citizens in the event of a "Brexit", the output of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

According to the data of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, in 2015, under the rule of having grandparents originating in Ireland, 507 British citizens asked the Irish passport, against only 379 in the previous year.

The data was gathered by the Guardian newspaper, which also reported th at the number of those who asked for passport because they were children of at least one Irish grew 11% over the same period, 3376 to 3736:

EU referendum: Threat of #Brexit could be driving spike in applications for Irish passports https://t.co/wB2hOwCsXm pic.twitter.com/0aMCSMO6D2

More information: neurope.eu

The United Kingdom is preparing the launch of the first plastic notes. The £ 5, which will have the face of Sir Winston Churchill should start flowing in the second half of this year and will be 15% smaller than the current.

A £ 10 note, also made with polymers and with the figure of Jane Austen will be launched in 2017 and the £ 20 is scheduled for 2020.

Factsheet on the new Bank of England polymer notes. The new £5 will be issued in Sept’16, £10 in 2017, £20 by 2020. pic.twitter.com/cczUfJ7oET

Mais informação:Bank of England


If my grandmother had wheels ... rode a Lamborghini ...

Can you imagine putting 650 horses in the hands of the ' old people '? That's what happened to two ' grandparents ' in Los Angeles, in the United States.

The machine: a Lamborghini Murcielago that affectiona tely, tried to "Lick" and the other "Ghini."

The truth is that didn't fare not bad.

The video is a must:

More information: Motorauthority.com

As the legalization of cannabis advances through the world, as well as applications for the plant will multiply.

A man who calls himself Nicholas managed to train bees to collect cannabis pollen directly from plant and so create cannabis honey.

The beekeeper, 39 years old, lives in France, where the possession and cultivation of canna bis is illegal.

Here is the video:

More information: greenrushdaily

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