sábado, 12 de março de 2016

Migrants in Greece: the numbers

"It is estimated at 42000, the number of migrants currently in Greek territory. 12 1000 are Idomeni line camp, near the border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Other 2000 haven't come out of the Aegean Islands, near the coast of Turkey.

On the Mainland of Greece, the number of migrants will be around then 32 1000, 2000 of which in the region of Athens.

More than 12500 migrants are children.

About of 17500, only a little more than 40% of migrants claim to be from Syria.

The Greek Government says it has the capacity to offer shelter in the conditions close to 30 1000 people, but the majority of migrants are standing behind in relation to the use of reception centres for fear of arrests and an early end of the long march towards the heart of Europe.

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