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USA: A "Super Tuesday" to Trump and Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump finishes a marathon of "Super Tuesday" primaries with the status of favorites of their respective parties in the race for the White House.

The two candidates took the largest number of delegates at stake (203 to Trump, 544 to Clinton) during the ballots in 11 States without, however, "spray" their opponents.

The former Secretary of State won the Democratic primaries in 7 of the 11 States, with results that are more than double those obtained by rival, Bernie Sanders, as in Texas (65% -32%), Arkansas (66% -30%) or Alaska (78% -19%).

If the candidate openly "Socialist" has once again unable to captivate the African-American elec torate, predominantly Southern States, Sanders seems however still far from abandoning the race.

In Massachusetts, a traditional bastion of Democrats, Sanders lost by only 1% compared with 50% of Clinton, having won in Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont.

Trump favorite but with rival

In the Republican field, Donald Trump was once again the most voted candidate, when he faces four other rivals. The millionaire won with a comfortable distance the votes in 7 States, failing however snatch away the "jackpot" in Texas and its 155 delegates.

The bastion of Republicans and the Bush family gave victory to Ted Cruz who, after having won in Okl ahoma and Alaska, aspires to be the only rival of Trump during the rest of the race.

Marc Rubio, the applicant pointed to as a favorite of the party obtained only one win, in Minnesota, and must wait for the 15 day suffrage in his State, Florida, to decide if the race continues or if decides to support cross.

Favoritism without victory

The favoritism of Trump and Clinton, consolidated this Tuesday, is however still far from representing a sweeping victory in the Party Congress that will nominate a presidential candidate in July. Donald Trump called on Republicans to unite around his candidacy, considered by the Summit of the party as an "anti-establishment movement".

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