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USA: Trump triumphs and Sanders can resist a Michigan shaken by the crisis

Donald Trump is contrary to the polls and pressure from his opponents to come back to win the Republican primary, this time in the States of Mississippi and Michigan.

The multimillionaire triumphed in the two votes, totaling 14 WINS on a journey where Ted Cruz gained little ground and Marc Rubio candidacy should last, at most, to the Florida elections in a week.

Trump celebrated the triumph, claiming to be "the most presidential of all Republicans". One response to their opponents in recent days warned the impossibility of winning the November presidential candidate compared to Hillary Clinton.

"The participation has been solid every week. We see Democrats to join us , and very important, independent. We see people who have never voted Republican and others who had never thought about it until today, "said Trump.

The candidate had reacted to another victory, in Jupiter, Florida, during a press conference in which he defended not only his candidacy, as the various products derived from "Trump", from mineral water to beef steaks.

Display of @realDonaldTrump wines, steaks & spring water for tonight's press conference in Jupiter. pic.twitter.com/4UE8M8aR93

Sanders resiste no Michigan

The Democratic side, Bernie Sanders managed to win by a fragile advantage in a Michigan shaken by unemployment and the ec onomic crisis, but not in Mississippi, where the African-American vote was decisive to give a landslide victory to Hillary Clinton.

"The result tonight means that the campaign of Bernie Sanders, the revolution of the people, our political revolution is strong throughout the country and frankly I believe larger victories are still to come," said Sanders.

The American director Michael Moore, a native of Flint, on the outskirts of Detroit â€" Michigan â€" recalled, on his Twitter account, the "damage" caused in the State by the Clintons and friends of Wall Street ".

Hillary lost because Clintons gave us NAFTA & Clintons Wall St friends destroyed Michigan -- and the people have not forgotten. #OH #PA #WI

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With a comfortable lead in the face of Bernie Sanders, with 14 wins in 22 votes, Hillary Clinton chose to attack if the Trump, not counting the "endurance" of the rival of his own party.

"Running for the Presidency should not mean handing out insults, but deliver to the American people," said Clinton.

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