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Australia: Johnny Depp and wife spared prosecution for "illegal tourism" of dogs

Came to an end the legal novel around the clandestine journey of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, last year, to Australia. The American actor, 52 years old, and the woman, 29, confessed to the crime and recorded a video with approximately of 40 seconds to admit the error and to promote respect for the rules of the Australian biosecurity.

In addition to video, the couple of actors performed this Monday morning, the 8:50 (local time), in the Court of Southport, Queensland, Gold Coast Australia. Generated an environment of madness around the Court in view of the presence of the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Edward Scissorhands." The case was suspended for the morning 11:00 to be presented some evidence and was eventually taken over by the 2:30 pm to be read the sentence.

Amber's lawyers argued that the actress had committed "a terrible mistake" by not declaring the two dogs due to "exhaustion" and "stress caused by injury that her husband had suffered a hand". "She never intended to hide the fact that the dogs were in Australia", guaranteed.

The magistrate Bernadette Callaghan noted that the charges were serious, but considered that the video recorded by the couple might be more valuable to the community than any punishment to apply. The judge considered Amber Heard "a good person", appreciated the fact that the actress never before have violated any Australian law and have offered to cooperate with the authorities in this case media.

As Depp's wife has been to use false documents to gain entry into the country of "Pistol" and "Boo", the two Yorkshire Terrier that animate the life of the couple, the magistrate imposed only a symbolic sentence of one month of good behavior. If you do not comply, Amber Heard will have to pay a fine of 1000 Australian dollars (680 euros).

In the video, the couple arises from serious countenance and commend Australia as "a wonderful island with a unique treasure of plants, animals and people," which "must be protected," Depp. The country added Amber, "is free of epidemics and diseases common in the rest of the world and that's why you have to have these strong biosecurity laws."

"Australians are unique not only in hospitality as in firmness. When you disrespect Australian law, they will tell us that with determination, "says Depp in the video, calling:" Declare everything when entering Australia. Amber, for its part , took over: "I very much regret that ' Pistol ' and ' Boo ' have not been declared. Protect Australia's important. "

"Pistol" and "Boo" were filmed in the House where the couple stayed and the Australian Department of agriculture filed a lawsuit. The respective Minister Barnaby Joyce protested against the presence of animals in the country without having passed the mandatory quarantine imposed by law for pets transported to Australia and threatened the two dogs with euthanasia.

The Minister, however, have reacted to the outcome of the case on Monday. "I also appreciate the fact that the Lady Heard has taken willingly to their responsibilities for the actions of last year and the recognition that does not fulfill our national biosecurity law. This legal process reinforces the international message I sent you last year that we do not tolerate the disrespect for our biosecurity laws, anyone else, "said Deputy Prime Minister Barnabay Joyce now.

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