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Dismissal of Dilma: Bruno Aguilar, the Deputy who let out the scream of "impeachment"

It was left to Mr Bruno Araujo, from the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) the deciding vote which confirmed the victory of the "Yes" of the Chamber of deputies to the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff of the Presidency of Brazil. The centrist, of 44 years, assumes to be "a blessing and a responsibility to the rest of your life" for having associated his name to a vote as important as this Sunday in Brasilia.

"Just to be here and represent the population already is a great privilege. Then, represent the vote that loose the cry of this population is another great privilege. When also joins the component to know that we have participated since February of last year in this process of ' impeachment ', in which many believed and which came to fruition, is a blessing and a responsibility that we hold for the rest of my life, "said Bruno Araujo to IstoÉ (bottom), after the vote.

With teary eyes, dep Bruno Araújo (PSDB-SP) speaks to this is after deciding vote against Dilma #istoeimpeachment pic.twitter.com/n0iu3ZWKT7

44-year-old lawyer, born 15 March 1972 in Recife and is member of PSDB. Is the third consecutive term as federal deputy (since 1 February 2007) after serving two (between 1999 and 2007) as State Deputy from Pernambuco. In 1998, became the youngest member of Pernambuco (26 years) when he was elected for the first time.

"The President of the Republic is open to dialogue for any output that maybe UN-democracy and the respect for the Constitution. What you can't ever accept are vourself situations that qualify a constitutional coup, "said J ose Eduardo Cardozo. For this Monday, also promised a speaker of Dilma Rousseff to the outcome of the vote of the members.

The process of removal or "impeachment" now passes to the Senate, where they must enter this Monday. At most 48 hours, a Special Commission will be created, with 21 senators and 21 alternates, being an elected President of the Board. In the space of 10 days, this Commission will have to examine the process and draw up a report to be submitted to the 81 senators to be debated and voted on.

Impeachment walks to make expressive voting in the Senate. https://t.co/xHylE3Ve8x pic.twitter.com/1SpMhlWxFy

If a simple majority of the Senators understand that the "impeachment" has sufficient reasons to be apprecia ted, will be a process, Rousseff will be notified and suspended in a maximum of 180 days in order to defend the charges.

In this period, the Special Committee should review the prosecution's evidence and draw up a new report to be debated and voted on in the Senate. If the evaluation process of impeachment obtains new simple majority, begins the phase of trial, led by the President of the Supreme Court.

For Rousseff to lose the post permanently, the dismissal will have to be approved by two-thirds of the Senate (54 senators).

Politicians go to the residence of Fear after approval of the impeachment https://t.co/WowkUbfhKs pic.twitter.com/JfidSuaXJU

In the period of suspension of up to 180 days, the Vice President Michel Temer, Movimernto Brazilian Democratic Party (centrist PMDB) takes the interim presidency. On the streets, the people promise to keep the pressure on the Government for changes that require the management of Brazil.

Allan Dean, spokesman for the Popular resistance movement "created last October, allegedly without any partisan connection, remember that" the process of ' impeach ' is happening "and ensuring that" Michel Temer will also be ' charged ' (liable) for the people ". "We didn't choose the Michel Temer. Who chose it were them (the rulers). We will ' snake ' to make the Brazil is respected. If Michel Temer will do ' X ' or ' Y ', only the future will tell, but the streets will continue to ' charge ', "promised Allan Dean.

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