segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2016

Demonstrators demanding the resignation of David Cameron

This Saturday hundreds of people focused on Downing Street to demand his resignation.

After the revelations, last Sunday, David Cameron took four days to admit he had owned shares in an offshore company based in the Bahamas, created by his father, who died in 2010.

"This is the straw that makes overflowing the Cup. I hope it's the straw that Cameron will burn "

"It is important that people express in the streets and show they care and they want something different. He demissione or not (I hope so) but must be pushed and there has to be changes and this is just the beginning ".

A few more than two months of the referendum on the United Kingdom in the European Union, "the Prime Minister has lost the confidence of the British", defended yesterday the opposition labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, without however having claimed his resignation.

A troubled week if finishes for the Prime Minister who admitted that he could have better managed the crisis unleashed.

"I know I should have handled better with this, could have run otherwise, I know there are lessons to be learned and I will learn. Don't blame number 10 Downing Street, or unnamed advisers. Blame me ".

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