segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2016

France dresses of protests against changes to the labour law

In France continue the protests in "Nuit Debout", that became a movement of citizens "awake" since March 31. Nights, you don't really sleep, young people especially. A protest which has its genesis in the fight against the amendments to the labour law.

This is how it works at #NuitDebout! #Lyon #Gestuelle

Nuit debout protesters occupy French cities in revolutionary call for change #NuitDebout #Nantes

A peaceful demonstration that stretched to Lyon and the other 58 cities but which has its main focus on Paris.

We spend a wonderful #N uitDebout at #Paris #40mars

This protest has joined another journey of mobilization, the sixth organised by the Inter-union, with the same purpose.

Tonight, in Paris, some of the protesters decided to leave the "Place de la République", the basis of "Nuit Debout", to make a visit to the official residence of the Prime Minister, who is on an official visit to Algeria. No more blocked by the police and the peaceful demonstration went on to violently, on the "Place de la Nation", with the police to release tear gas against protesters who, face covered, whisked up stones.

The clashes spread to Nantes and Rennes.

#FrancePro test against govnmt syndicalisms: Police violently intervene against protesters in <a href="">#Nantes</a> <a href="">#NuitDebout</a> <a href=""></a>”<p>â€" Aenea Endymion (aenea2662) 9 de abril de 2016

In all, the authorities detained 27 people.

In Lisbon a small group became part with the French

#NoiteDePé Assembly in Lisbon. Have been placed back on 16-04 at 6 pm. #NuitDebout #40Mars

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