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Direct line: Vladimir Putin calls for diplomatic solution on Syria

Russia's military intervention in Syria, the State of the economy, the Russian tourism in Turkey and Egypt, and to his own personal life were discussed Thursday by Vladimir Putin, the usual annual conversation, via telephone, with citizens. More than 2.3 million questions have been received for this edition of the 14 "direct line", the Russian President returned to spend hours answering that were selected.

On Syria, the leader of the Kremlin admits not having removed the military forces, but ensures that despite the departure of most of the Russian forces, the regime led by Bashar al-Assad will have been in good position.

"After most of our military contingent have been taken out of Syria, the Syrian army left in a position to move forward w ith a strong offensive, with the support of part of our military contingent that still stands. After the withdrawal of the bulk of our forces, the Syrian army has already achieved, for example, retrieve Palmira ", he stressed.

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The Syria was even more themes requested by the President's interlocutors. Despite having ordered in September last year a military intervention in support of the "friend" Bashar al-Assad, Putin stressed the need for a diplomatic solution to the ongoing conflict in that country five years ago.

"We need a solution. It is necessary that the parties feel to the table, to adopt the Constitution and with it, go to the elections. This is how the Syrians to get out of the crisis ", defended the Kremlin leader.

In economic terms, the President admitted that Russia will contract this year 0,3%. For tourists, said it was still early to get to travel on a holiday to Turkey or Egypt, where he maintains a high security risk. As for his marriage, Putin promised to talk the other day and on the alleged ex-wife's remarriage or a Word, just the realization that she is "very happy with her new life."

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