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Direct line: Putin's Hesitation before "drowning" of Erdogan and Poroshenko

"We are always ready to lend a hand and offer help to our partners whenever they want to."

Vladimir Putin devoted Thursday to the usual "direct line", an initiative in which the President of Russia if offers to answer questions sent in by citizens from all parts of the Russian Federation, including, once again, the autonomous region of Crimea, unilaterally annexed two years ago at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.

Among many serious issues addressed, such as the conflict in Syria, the Russian economy, the doping scandal that could cost the Russian presence in the Olympics or the Ukrainian political instability, some curious questions were selected from among the more than 2.3 million received. One of them, for example, involved the Pr esidents of Ukraine and Turkey, with whom Moscow maintains sour relations or nonexistent.

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Asked the interviewer: "If, at this point, Petro Poroshenko and Erdogan if they were drowning, who was trying to help first? It's a question of Varya Kuznetsova, 12 years. "

Putin hesitate to answer and was especially surprised to notice the age of the author of the question, but replied. The Kremnlin leader took the opportunity to leave a message implicit who is not on the side of Moscow in a difficult time in the West has imposed various sanctions on the Russians because, in particular, of what happened in the Crimea: "If a person decides to drown, it's impossible to s ave her. But we are always ready to lend a hand and offer help to our partners whenever they want to. "

Would you save Erdogan and Poroshenko if they were drowning in the Atlantic, Putin is asked.

Putin: Would I save Poroshenko or Erdogan from drowning first? You can’t save someone who chose to drown. We’ll help anyone who wants help

About the Government of Ukraine, which Thursday elected to form a new interim Prime Minister, the President of Russia was asked what he thought of the new Executive now below the Petro Poroshenko counterpart. "Anything. I don't know the composition or its priorities. I just know what was planned and what was done. The previous Government's p lan consisted of nine points. They only fulfilled two "shot.

Of the Crimea, near the end of this edition of the "direct line", the question arose about the recandidatura the Presidency of evental Russia in 2018. Putin chose not to respond directly to the question, preferring to emphasise the priority of focusing on work that is now at hand.

In all, Vladimir Putin devoted 3:40 to answer 80 questions selected from among the more than 2.3 million allegedly received by the production of this "direct line", the initiative that the President of Russia already takes in the 14 Edition and predisposes to answer all sorts of questions. This time, even his ex-wife said.

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