sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2016

Japan: Authorities warn of violent aftershocks after 6.4 earthquake

The most affected area is the city of Kumamoto, where the quake would have destroyed more than a dozen buildings and caused at least three dead and 89 wounded, several of whom in critical condition.

Is an image of the camera when the earthquake happened, Kumamoto city. Shaking violently.

Local authorities have registered a strong intensity, 2 and a half hours after the first quake, with epicenter in Futagawa-Hinagu fault.

The Japanese scientists have issued a warning to the possibility of new and violent aftershocks in the coming days, having warned of the risk of collapse of buildings.

The representative of the Government, Yoshihide Suga, ensured that the nuclear plants in the region were not affected by the earthquake.

Mashiki-machi 23: 21 now it seems. The scene of the fire and smoke are nervous. Seen the fence had collapsed in the center of the screen as well. #jishin

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