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Earthquake in Ecuador: the rescue of a man and a dog from over 410 dead

Pablo Cañizares, 35 years, is the administrator of the hotel El Gato, in the city of Portoviejo. Was surprised on Saturday by concussion, couldn't escape the collapse of the hotel and just buried. Resisted difficulties, have been able to use a telephone to connect to a familiar and contiu where I was.

Performing release of loads we have rescued 3 survivors most in the DC Navarrete, in Manta. #SismoEcuador pic.twitter.com/z7gSouGSws

Before Pablo Cañizares be rescued, however, the relief teams that sought to have found at least 7 cadávares.

#FFAA EjercitoECU next <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Pablo?src=hash">#Pablo</a> Cordova survivor Ca ñizares rescue <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Portoviejo?src=hash">#Portoviejo</a> <a href="https://t.co/HyRPhXKQfU">pic.twitter.com/HyRPhXKQfU</a><p>-Ecuadorian Army (EjercitoECU) April 19, 2016

The same sort of Pablo Cañizares had a rescued dog. Search and rescue teams gave signs of life in an area of rubble and, when they arrived to the source of the signals, discovered a small white dog, scared, but in good health.

The story of this "stampy" come join another, black hair, told the newspaper La Republica (image below), which have escaped the collapse of buildings, but they refused to leave near the ruins of what had been the home of its owners.

Cases such as these dogs have led to se veral appeals from animal advocacy organizations for which is also donated food for dogs and cats affected by the earthquake in Ecuador. The dogs have been, in fact, one of the big stars in search operations to help rescue personnel to rescue many survivors.

This catastrophe happens at a time when Ecuador is going through a severe economic crisis caused by the fall in the price of oil, the country's main export product. International aid has been to accentuate.

Between donations also encouragement messages are sent to the victims. #EcuadorListoYSolidario pic.twitter.com/gZdi7l9FVC

The official balance of victims of Saturday's earthquake was placed this Tuesday-may by the Ministry of security in 413 deaths and over 2100 wound ed. The quake was followed by more than 300 aftershocks, but of low magnitude.

Although they were on the same day, the experts ruled out any relationship between the Ecuador and earthquakes that rocked also on Saturday southwest of Japan. "Earthquakes of great magnitude that occurred in different countries are a coincidence, but are independent. The two countries are more than 15000 kilometres and the seismic waves lose strength by moving away from its source, "explained Benjamin Bernard, Geophysical Institute of Polytechnic School of Ecuador.

Although both countries are located in the so-called Fire belt of the Pacific, the Ecuador earthquakes happened due to movement of the Pacific plate and the call from Japan to the Eurasian plate.

Let us pray for the people of Ecuador and Japan who have suffered violent earthquakes. God and the brothers help them, strengthen and comfort.

Huge thanks to the international community for all the quota provided. #EcuadorListoYSolidario. pic.twitter.com/5VFvymN4gg

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