sábado, 2 de abril de 2016

Journalist captures shocking images in the morgue of Luanda

"The Morgue" is the title of a story by shock Rafael Marques, at a time when the number of deaths from yellow fever or malaria won't stop increase in Angola. Angolan journalist, refusing to be silent in the face of the regime, spent several hours at the morgue of the Josina Machel Hospital in Luanda. The report, published on his blog Maka Angola, draws a scene of horror and misery. Are families that carry cans of water to wash the bodies of their relatives, outside the morgue. After wear us and carry us, leaving behind blood, water and contaminated clothes, which had exposed without great protection.

Angola is struggling with the first yellow fever epidemic in 30 years, which has killed almost 200 people since December, according to the figures presented by the World Health Organization. Malaria, which is the leading cause o f death in the country, also take lives to a frightening rate: 6000 per year, according to data from the national malaria control Program.

Last week, the Angolan Minister of health, Luís Gomes Sambo, acknowledged that hospitals are running out of capacity to respond in the face of epidemics of malaria and yellow fever, but not declared a State of emergency.

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