domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

Migrants: Amnesty International accuses Turkey to return refugees to Syria

The agreement between the European Union and Turkey on migrants is under strong criticism from the international community.

In Greece the Parliament ratified the agreement. On the same day, Amnesty International accuses Turkey of being to send Syrian refugees back to their war-ravaged country.

The first expulsions, the territory of the community begin next week.

"It is necessary that the Turkish Government stop this practice blatantly unlawful and inhumane. There is no room for any practice to resend any individual to a conflict zone. In turn, the European Union must encourage Turkey to stop this and certainly cannot even think about resend back the Syrians w hen there is a real risk, in Turkey, they are sent back to Syria, "warns John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International.

Turkey forced 100s of refugees back into Syria. How can EU pretend it’s safe? #EUTurkeydeal

This Friday, 169 of 300 Greek deputies voted in favour of the implementation of the agreement that allows you to resend to the Turkey all migrants who arrive illegally to Greek Islands after March 20.

Hours earlier, the United Nations agency for refugees warned of the increasing degradation of conditions in detention centres for refugees in Greece. The UNHCR warned that the situation may fall apart if the European authorities do not act.

On the Greek island of Chios, hundreds of migrants escaped because they don't want to go back to Turkey.

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