sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Merkel yields to Erdogan and authorizes the accusation German court humorist

The case of the German humorist poem by Jan Böhmerman to satirize the President of Turkey will even reach court. The Government led by Angela Merkel discussed this Friday the request of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and, in the light of article 103 of the German penal code, gave the provision legal progress.

By law, the use of the controversial article that penalizes insults to foreign heads of State must be decided by the Government and so it was, but in a controversial meeting. Some members of the coalition Government led by Merkel were divided on the resolution of the case and was eventually even the Chancellor decides to pass the buck to the courts. The parliamentary leader in the lower House of the SPD, Thomas Oppermann, considered "wrong" decision and revealed that Ministers affections to his party opposed, with Merkel to desam patar the decision.

Germany grants Turkish call to allow comedian prosecution over poem ‘insulting Erdoğan’ https://t.co/3HKQdEWeV5 pic.twitter.com/QllBjxINTn

"Allow this legal procedure for insults to a foreign head of State doesn't mean not one person affected by pretrial decision or a decision about the limits of freedom of art, of the press or of opinion", assured yet Angela Merkel, who promises to come to discuss also the eventual abolition of article 103 of the German criminal code.

The case began in late March, with the reading of a satirical poem by Jan Böhmerman on a program of ZDF. In the text, the President of Turkey was related, for example, with zoophilia and accused of badly treating Turkish minorities. < /string>

At first Merkel considered the poem "deliberately offensive", but stressed freedom of expression prevailing in Germany. Now, after discussion with the respective Executive, turned out to give dismissed the request for opening of a lawsuit by insults to a foreign head of State brought by legal representatives of Erdogan in Germany. The comedian now risks a prison sentence of up to three years.

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