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North Korea: Kim Jong-un failed attempt to honor Grandpa with a missile

"North Korea seems to have tried to launch a missile from the Eastern Sea area. It is assumed that the launch has failed. "

Have gone out stuck the plans of Kim Jong-Un to honor his grandfather and founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, with the launch of a ballistic missile, called the day celebrations in the Sun (April 15).

According to South Korean officials, Pyongyang reunification Commission have tried this Friday the launch of a missile from Musudan type or BM-25, with an estimated range of up to 4000 kilometres. The attempt will have been registered at 5:30 the morning, local time.

"North Korea seems to have tried to launch a missile from the East Sea (s ea of Japan eventually) this Friday morning. It is assumed that the launch has failed, "the Joint Chiefs of the South Korean armed forces, quoted by the Yonhap Agency.

(3rd LD) N. Korea fails 1st mid-range ballistic missile launch: military https://t.co/9gXmIftUwa

The spokesman for the South Korean reunification Committee recalled that "in March, Kim Jong-Un had given orders to be carried out military exercises including additional missile tests." Jeong Joon-hee lists "this release with these instructions" and suggests that "North Korea might be trying to promote two-face". "To the outside world, is determined to resist the international sanctions. Internally, seems to want to strengthen the image of Kim Jong-un on the eve of the Party Congress, "said Jeong Joon-hee.

Announced VII Congress of the workers ' Party of Korea is being prepared long ago by Kim Jung-un. Will be the first Congress of the party in about three decades, stresses the Yonhap, and, according to the North Korean Agency KCNA, should happen at the beginning of May.

(2nd LD) N.K. celebrates founder’s birthday with attempt to launch missile https://t.co/cvdGdZk8fR

This Friday, April 15, however, was a day of celebrating 104. anniversary on the birth of Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of the current North Korean leader, founder and Supreme Leader of North Korea. Since 1997 that Pyongyang celebrates with pomp and circumstance the former leader who died in 1994, at the age of 82 years.

The reference to this celebration as "Day of the Sun" also arose in 1997 and is related to the fact that the name "Sung" means "Sun" â€" explains the KCNA â€" and because the North Korean founder will have "illuminated the way forward for humanity with his name, created a garden of flowers with fiery enthusiasm and human love, and took care of all people with great human strength."

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