sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016

North Korea missile test fails during inter-asiática Summit

South Korean sources, the new Pyongyang provocation would have failed after the Musudan missile, with a range of 3000 kilometres, have fallen into the ocean, a few seconds after the launch.

Last Saturday Pyongyang would also have missed the launch of a missile submarine.

The test occurred at the same time that Beijing hosts the Summit of the CICA countries â€" the Conference for interaction and Confidence building in Asia.

A meeting dominated by the fear of Seoul of a new North Korean nuclear test.

According to the South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se:

"Pyongyang is violating daily resolutions of the UN Security Council to resort to all kinds of methods to develop their nuclear capabilities. I hope this Conference can block the nuclear ambitions of North Korea ".

During the meeting, the Chinese President Xi Jiping assured that will not allow the Korean peninsula "plunge into war and chaos," having ensured that will continue to apply the new UN sanctions against the North Korean regime.

China and Russia as well as 24 other countries present at the summit demanded that Pyongyang put an end to its nuclear program.

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