segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2016

Obama says Merkel migration policy "is on the right side of history"

Barack Obama congratulated the generous policy of Angela Merkel vis-à-vis migrants. The u.s. President was received by German Chancellor in Hannover, at a meeting where it was discussed a wide range of topics, of the negotiations on the free trade agreement between the United States and the European Union, to the upsurge of violence in Syria.

Merkel said she was "quite happy, because, in these turbulent times, there is today again a chance to talk about the wide spectrum of International Affairs: especially on combating terrorism and the reasons that lead people to flee their countries of origin, as well as about the peace process and also of migration-related issues".

Obama responded with a compliment. The us President affirmed that "what i s happening with regard to position [Merkel] in terms of refugees in Europe, she is on the right side of history in this matter. She is giving voice to the kind of principles that unite people rather than divide ". Obama added have, for that reason, "great pride [in Chancellor] and the German people".

About the project of transatlantic partnership for trade and investment, Obama said he would like to see negotiations "by the end of the year".

The visit to Germany was marked by protests against the free trade agreement which, in German territory, is only seen positively by 17% of the population, according to a recent poll.

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