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Mexico accused of obstructing investigation into the disappearance of 43 students

Expert: Torture, obstacles in the event of 43 missing in #Ayotzinapa #Iguala #México https://t.co/guuzomUfeZ pic.twitter.com/i4xxdKz2kY

A 600-page report, the International Commission of human rights, which investigated the case, accuses the Mexican Government of having "hampered" the investigation and denounced "acts of torture" inflicted the 17 suspects who are arrested and that experts were prevented from interviewing.

The PGR_mx will analyze the full report, to enrich their investigation into the tragic events of 26 and 27 September 2014.<p>-Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) April 24, 2016

The Attorney General's Office prefers to remember the case of stude nts of "Equals represents the most exhaustive criminal investigation in the history of the Mexican justice (...) The families of the students and the Government of the Republic are on the same side and work for the same goal: to find out what happened to young people and punish each of those responsible, "said Eber Betanzos.

So far, only the remains of a student were found and identified.

Mexico hampered probe into apparent student massacre, panel says https://t.co/MK8hgmO3nG

The official version States that on that fateful night of 26 to 27 of September 2014, the bus in which followed the students was attacked by the cops delivered the drug cartels, who have killed and incinerated. The report states that there are no indica tions of incineration of so many people and the possibility of students have inadvertently diverted a bus that would serve to transport heroin. The mystery continues.

What happened to the 43 college students who vanished in Mexico in 2014? https://t.co/rhEabANCTY

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