sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2016

"Panama Papers": Putin denounces "plot" and stands for supposed "front"

The Russian President held that the information is part of a "Western plot" to "divide the country".

Putin, who has spoken for the first time in public on the issue, defended one of his childhood friends â€" cited in the documents â€" as "a businessman who wins some money".

"The President of Russia has a friend who did something that might be corruption. Where is the proof of corruption? There is no. About Sergey Rolduguin he is not only a musician, but a man honored as people's Artist, is a minority shareholder in one of the companies. Earn some money but not thousands of millions, "said Putin.

According to the documents, the cellist and Godfather of one of the daughters of Putin would have more than 2000 million in offshore accounts.

Rolduguin also appears as the owner of three companies registered in Office Mossack Fonseca, two of which were created by the Bank Rossiya that manages the great fortunes of the main political leaders of the country.

Without ever naming the Russian President, the international consortium of investigative Journalists points out the possibility of being the "figurehead" of Putin and other senior officials in the Kremlin, a massive detour system of foreign exchange in the country.

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