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Peru: presidential Kuczinski aimed at second round against Fujimori

Results ONPE 40.3% â–º 39,18% <a href="">ppkamigo 24.25% Vero_Mendoza_F</a> 16.57% <a href=""></a><p>-Trade ( April 11, 2016

The candidate of the right-wing conservative party "Popular Force", and the favorite to win in all the predictions, I anticipated the campaign for the second round. "We hope that it will be a second round with proposals, ideas and civic debate. We invite all Peruvians, on 5 June, to opt for change, for the future. Because the future of Peru is already underway, "said Keiko Fujimori, in the speech of consecration of this first round.

Fulfilling my duty as a Peruvia n. We vote with joy and conviction by a fairer Peru, United and reconciled.

Pedro Paulo Kuczynski had a lead of more than 7 points over the leftist Veronika Mendoza, which puts the center-right's candidate from the outset, as Fujimori's rival in the second round. "I want to thank everyone who voted. Me or others. Democracy is to listen to everyone's opinion. The important thing is that in 5, 10 or 15 years if Peru says. We want a country focused, United and in harmony. We don't want to walk into fighting, hostile. We want harmony, "said the head of the list of the PPK, looking ahead to ensure, at a minimum," a good number of congressmen. "

Thank you all! Today #UnidosLaHicimos #SubeSubePPK

Thanks, Cusco! Thank you for voting with courage, dignity and joy. Yes it could!

The Peru presidential are, however, already stained by the attack in the early hours of Saturday against a military patrol, with six vehicles carrying material for the aleições, in the region of Junin. Ten people died--eight soldiers and two civilians â€" and at least 5 injured. The attack will have broken the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso.

Peru's President condemned in Saturday, the attack on the military patrol in an area in constant state of emergency due to the presence of the Sendero Luminoso and integrate almost half of the entire surface of Peruvian coca leaf cultivation. Ollanta Humala has ensured that the armed forces and the national police are not going to lower our guard in the fight against terrorism and expressed condolences to the families of the victims of this "psycho Act."

#EnVivo President: "is not a day of electoral party. "The Peruvian family is mourning by the actions of terrorism in the VRAEM"

Despite this attack, about 23 million Peruvians will have acorrido to the polls to elect a new President, two Vice Presidents and 15 representatives to the Andean Parliament, with tenure until 2021. All the candidates have voted during Sunday morning. Responsible for the Peruvian Office of electoral processes (ONPE, in original acronym) admitted that the delay in opening some polling stations would be reflected in the ballot, whose end result should be known during this Monday.

#ONPE denies versions about alleged voting cards marked

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