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Refugees: rubber bullets have hit children in Macedonian Idomeni line

Calm returned Monday morning to Idomeni line, in Greece, near the border with Macedonia, but on Sunday it was an apparent guerrilla zone. An attempt of thousands of migrants here blocked from force to cross the border and continue your way to the center of Europe was suppressed by Macedonian authorities using tear gas and rubber bullets.

Nearly 300 migrants have been wounded, at least 10 have required medical attention, and among the injured, there will be children, revealed Connor Kenny, of doctors without borders, through social networks: "the main concerns are with fractures and injuries by rubber bullets. Three children under ten years old were shot in the head. "

Amongst our patients at #Idomeni today were 3 kids under 10 with plastic bu llet wounds to the head. pic.twitter.com/RDP0VN3CWC

Giorgos Kyritsis, the spokesman for the Greek service of coordination of migratory crisis reported also this Monday the use of rubber bullets during times of tension lived in Eve Idomeni line and the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed to have made reports of protest against the neighboring country.

Macedonian authorities deny, however, have resorted to rubber bullets against attempted robbery to the border.

A group of migrants, including some Syrians, tries to control the situation: "we're going to try to appeal for calm and have patience, but the problem is that we can't control 2000 people."

Before the mass influx of migrants to cross the country from Greece and other countries more locks to the North, Macedonia decided to close the border at the end of February. It is estimated that are blocked in Idomeni line about 11000 people, including of migrants and refugees. This was the third attempt to drill the lock on Greece's border with Macedonia. Was not the last.

Migrants protest demanding reopening of border crossing near their makeshift camp in Idomeni. by Kilicbil <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/AFP?src=hash">#AFP</a> <a href="https://t.co/bu3TijAj4R">pic.twitter.com/bu3TijAj4R</a><p>â€" AFP Photo Department (AFPphoto) 11 de abril de 2016

172,458 migrants incl. refugees arrived by sea to Europe 714 dead/missing https://t.co/Dc8umzcLLs #Migration Europe pic.twitter.com/auEX9gdrSh

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