sábado, 23 de abril de 2016

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 90 years

The birthday cake prepared by the winner of a tv contest of pastry.

Despite the 90 years of age, according to a King's University College London, 70 percent of Britons want to keep the monarch Crown as long as possible.

"Your Majesty ... Mommy ... The flashlight that your Majesty is about to light represents how light up other lanterns throughout the nation, and the love and affection that you are dedicated throughout the country and in the Commonwealth, "said Prince Charles of England.

To mark the 90th birthday of Queen, about 1000 lanterns were lit in other British cities and in the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Prince Consort Prince Philip, have four sons (Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward) in a marriage that has lasted for 69 years.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has indicated that the Government woke up giving a gift to the Queen, which will be issued on the day June 11, date of the official celebration of his birthday.

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