sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2016

"African States didn't do more to end human trafficking"

Nial O'Reilly, Euronews: "Naqwor, the details about this tragic incident are yet to be known, but hundreds of people have died drowned, that you can do?"

Veronica Naqwor, Africanews Kwabla: "information is still very limited and what we know is what the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees is providing eyewitness accounts. The UNHCR says that 500 people will have drowned, and the survivors are from Ethiopia, Somalia and Egypt. But the somali Embassy in Cairo put the number almost 400 us. The trip began a week ago. What the survivors say it is the same as UNHCR referred to ".

Nial O'Reilly, Euronews: "Europe claims to be to redouble efforts to counter the crisis of migrants; Certain African ُEstados also promise to do more. There are signs o f these measures against traffickers of people? "

Veronica Naqwor, Africanews Kwabla: "after talking with experts in the field, it seems that the African States did not do more to end human trafficking. This is because these countries are not doing much to solve the situations in their own countries. Most of the migrants leave the country because of unemployment and conflict. Remember that last year, when the European Union met with African leaders, Brussels promised a Fund of 1000 1.8 million euros to Africa, some African leaders have raised some questions about the Fund. Some said that was not enough, others asked for sustainable trade and more investment to solve the problem, others were not satisfied by the fact that migrants have been posted they had to accept the migrants back to their countries. "

Nial O'Reil ly, Euronews: "you made reference to the problems these people face. What leads them to risk everything, even their lives, to bring forth incredibly difficult and dangerous trips so? "

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