sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2016

Syria: the Red Cross and UN deliver greater humanitarian aid shipment

Food and medical supplies are among vital aid being distributed in #Rastan with SYRedCrescent and <a href="">UN. #Syria</a>

60 trucks carrying food, medicine, electricity generators, among other things:

"So far, we have reached 560,000 people in areas of difficult access and besieged areas. There was a modest but real progress, not enough to make us feel good, "says Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy to Syria.

The situation in the country remains unstable, despite the setbacks of the Group Islamic State. The political turmoil is one of the reasons. The opposition criticizes the Government and, i n particular, the main negotiator of the Syrian Executive:

"We say the Jaafari that if you want a true national unity Government must first free the 10000 women in prisons and the tens of thousands of other prisoners. Must also stop with the massacres that drives every day, in this case maybe we can see him as a human being with some nationalism. Then perhaps negotiations can be resumed, "said Mohammad Alloush, negotiator of Syria opposition.

According to the Syrian Observatory for human rights the Government bombed, this Thursday, Teir Maalah areas, there will be no victims.

The claims of creation of a national unity government seem increasingly far from being reached. Second source close to the negotiations the oppositi on must abandon the peace talks, this Friday.

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