terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

Came to Cuba the first cruise in 50 years

The crossing was in charge of the company, a subsidiary of the American Group Fathom Carnival, which intends to conduct two cruises per month. The goal is to promote cultural exchange between countries.

A Cuban waiting family that comes on says: "I hope that Cuba and the United States continue as are-alone and together. Whatever it takes to continue to improve. " Other concerns: "I hope the first [by] many, break the ice. I hope that they will continue to take steps forward. We, Cubans, we are very happy. "

Americans and Cubans waited 57 years to see this image again #Cubahttps://t.co/HPWdezmME1 pic.twitter.com/pv1TuX42GG

The cruise trip was only pos sible after the Government of Raúl Castro have lifted the last restrictions that prevented the Cuban citizens to enter or leave the island by sea.

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