quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2016

Canada: City of Fort McMurry totally evacuated due to fire

The main output in the South of the city was cut off due to the flames, forcing residents to drive North and creating traffic jams in the open.

North is the only way. #fortmcmurray #wildfire #alberta #fire #nature #canada pic.twitter.com/nv236saKCW

About of 80 1000 people were forced to leave everything behind. "It's a disaster and I think it's unfair that we have even left to bring our stuff. We lost everything. We're just left with what we bring to the back, "said a resident.

The fire chief says this fire took proportions never before seen: "it was the worst day in my entire career. We are devastated. All people are devastated. The community is goi ng to be devastated. This will continue and will continue and it will take time until we recover. "

Fort McMurray as darkness falls. #ymmfire #ymm. Photo credit: @andyhurleys #abpoli #canada #fire pic.twitter.com/rvTgbeAEZE

The city is a major center of the oil industry in the country. More than a hundred firefighters and several helicopters were mobilised to try to control the flames. The isolated region of Fort McMurray causes the aid claimed late in arriving.

This Wednesday, the strongest winds are expected and high temperatures, making it difficult to combat the flames.

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