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Aleppo to "iron and fire" while UN approves resolution in support of civilians and workers in war scenarios

In Aleppo, in Syria, dozens of people were killed in a long day of clashes between rebels and Government forces. The fighting continues this Wednesday. Information of the Syrian Observatory for human rights which adds that, on Tuesday, a projectile launched by rebels hit an area controlled by the Syrian authorities and a hospital. Have died, according to the same source, nineteen people.

500 metres from our #Aleppo office today, a maternity ward was attacked. Remind the world: hospitals are #NotATarget pic.twitter.com/SIwg4RvrT3

Aleppo has been the scene of violent clashes in recent days. Part of the inhabitants throws accusations about Bashar al-Assad, but not only.

"Neither the United States nor Russia, nobody in the world will make us leave Aleppo. We're going to be make them what they do, "says a resident of Aleppo.

#Syrie: the pop of #Alep are terrified, schools are closed and the streets are empty. https://t.co/l8gPpobInG pic.twitter.com/F5GOG0Jyz9

The United Nations unanimously approved a resolution to protect civilians and workers in war scenarios. What for some is not enough:

"To me, what we need is to act to prevent attacks and not just vote and adopt a resolution," said Joanne Liu, President of Doctors without borders.

"We will not abandon patients. We will not keep silence' Joan neLiu_MSF <a href="https://twitter.com/UN">a pic.twitter.com/CggzVGb6La https://t.co/CtI5hP4ppU</a>

The death toll in the wake of the fighting in Aleppo, not to increase. Several hospitals and medical personnel were shot dead.

#MSF provides support for the reconstruction of the #AlQuds hospital, destroyed by air raids in #Aleppo, in #Síria. https://t.co/r1dLi3Ik35

This Wednesday, at the request of France and the United Kingdom, the UN Security Council debate in New York, the serious situation in Aleppo while in Berlin negotiations.

"You must be equal to the responsibilities which are yours" JoanneLiu_MSF <a href="https://twi tter.com/UN">a pic.twitter.com/ofPAzXal09 https://t.co/CtI5hP4ppU</a>

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