segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2016

Canada: gigantic Fire consumes 2000 homes and displaced 80 1000

A fire of gigantic proportions, and to control, forced the evacuation of oil city of Fort McMurray, on the Canadian province of Alberta.

About of 80 1000 people were forced to leave behind all their belongings. More than 2000 homes were already consumed by the flames.

Owners of home in #FortMcMurray had to watch their home burn via webcam (VIDEO)

The fires started from May 1 and, according to the authorities, have consumed more than 100,000 acres, the equivalent of 100,000 football pitches.

To fight the 40 fires active, 5 " out of control", are 1200 firefighters backed by 110 helicopters and firefighting aircraft 27.

A group trying to rescue animals from the fires around Fort McMurray wait at road block in Alberta, Canada

The authorities have set up reception centres and already allocated 100 million Canadian dollars, the equivalent of 68 million euros, to address the most pressing needs of the displaced.

"It's something I've never seen!" exclaims a Canadian.

Another Canadian doesn't know if "our House is still standing. My sister-in-law lost her House yesterday. Burned down. We are grateful that we're all together. "

With temperatures rising, the authorities estimate that the fire could double in size, this Saturday.

On Sunday, showers are planned in the region, which can help in the fight against sinister.

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