domingo, 8 de maio de 2016

Macau prohibits bets via telephone in casinos

The measure wants to prevent the use of mobile phones on the gaming tables to be used for betting by phone, particularly when the identity of the real gambler and the origin of money are difficult to prove.

The Government points out that, in most developed cities, the telephone betting is prohibited by law.

So far, the authorities allowed the use of mobile phones on the gaming tables to customers of the VIP rooms of the casinos, through a registration regime with a set of the following mandatory instructions.

The Government says he is determined to streamline the operation of the casinos, where revenues are down almost two years ago, which could be due to t he anti-corruption campaign launched by the central Government of China and that could take away the high rollers in the region.

The authorities in Macau and China have advocated the diversification of the economy of the region, to make it less dependent on the game and, within this, less dependent on the high rollers.

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