quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2016

David Cameron warns of risks of "Brexit" for "oral evidence" in Parliament

Less than a month and a half of the referendum, David Cameron ensured that London will retain its "special status" in an EU "retired" after the Agreement sealed between London and Brussels in February.

The conservative head of Government pointed out the risks to the economy and security, if the country abandon the community block.

"I didn't come here to say that the EU is perfect, is an organization that needs reform. I believe that the changes proposed by me have created useful reforms that represent the best for the country, whether it is for us to be stronger in economic terms, to have weight in the world or for staying safe in the face of terrorists. I have no hesitation, as Prime Minister, to say that we will be much better if we vote in favour of staying in the EU ".

The Prime Minister also rejected Turkey's membership to 28, "for decades", an argument put forward by the environment called "Brexit".

The "oral evidence" of Conservative leader coincides with the alert released by the European Affairs Committee of the House of Commons. A report published yesterday evokes the risk that the process of a EU output can crawl beyond two years provided for by the law.

In the case of "Brexit", only the negotiation of a trade agreement with the 28-44% target British exports â€" could last for up to nine years, according to the report of the Committee.

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