sábado, 7 de maio de 2016

Greece: Strike paralyzes Athens

Athens paralyzed by a strike. Public transport stopped following the protest of the conditions imposed on the Government by international creditors, in negotiating the country's debt.

At issue is reform of pensions and increasing taxes on wages, negotiating conditions of creditors â€" European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to release portions of international loans, under the third bailout granted to the country in July 2015.

In Athens, no public transport was working this morning. The workers of the metro, buses and Intercity trains will prolong the strike until Sunday morning, according to the respective unions.

Taxis, whose syndicate did not follow the wave of protests, are the only means of transport in the Greek capital.

The boats that make the connection between continental Greece and the Islands remained in dock. The powerful Union of maritime transport, Pno, announced a proesto of 4 days, between 3:00 Friday and 4:00 Greenwich mean time Tuesday.

Private company Ktel buses ensure connections between the capital and some Greek cities.

The air traffic controllers ' Union joined not by now to the striker, so that air traffic was not affected.

The Bills provide the reduction of higher pensions, the fusion of multiple boxes and pension contributions and fees for medium and h igh wages.

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