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Turkey: President Erdogan walks away from the European Union and insists on strengthening of power

Turkey's President distanced himself Friday from the European Union and called for "urgent" change the Constitution to adopt a presidential system. Recep Tayyip Erdogan took advantage of a rally in Istanbul, this Friday, to send the messages.

About the "28", the head of Turkish State rejects giving in on amendment of the anti-terrorism laws in force to bring the country in line with European criteria. This requirement is one of the five to be served of 72 requested by Brussels to Ankara to liberalise the movement of Turkish citizens in the Schengen area.

Erdogan's refusal jeopardizes the euro-Turkish agreement to end the need for visas for the Turks to enter and move within the European Union.

Erdogan announced that Turkey will not adjust anti-terrorism act as the EU calls for https://t.co/ovcNNpOn8K #Turquia

Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounces the alleged support of the "28" for allowing PKK group in March that were raised a Kurdish suspect tent promoting that organization considered terrorist.

"The European Union let terrorists tents in Brussels and give them opportunities in the name of democracy. Then, you want to come here to tell us that only if we change our anti-terrorism laws is that releases the Schengen related to Turks? Sorry, but we're going into our life and you (European Union) to your ", said Erdogan.

The other four EU requirements to be served by Ankara are, accord ing to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, with measures to prevent corruption, protection of private data, close cooperation with Europol and judicial cooperation on criminal problems with all 28 Member States.

"The presidential system is not directly related to my person. The experiences that Turkey has had to this day shows that we must urgently move to have a presidential system and a new Constitution, "said the head of State.

The desired policy transition by Erdogan gained momentum on Thursday after the announcement of Ahmet Davutoglu is not up for re-election to the leadership of the ruling party, the justice and development (AKP). The Prime Minister still not an ally of the project of a presidential system for Turkey.

With th e announced departure scheduled for May 22, the date of the Congress of AKP, Davutoglu, whose relationship with Erdogan has been cool and distancing himself, will no longer be Prime Minister, making room for someone closer to the President and open to change politics advocated by Erdogan for Turkey.

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