terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

Greenpeace discloses confidential documents about negotiations of TTIP

Greenpeace unveiled this morning on the Internet the documents about sensitive negotiations of Transatlantic free trade (TTIP), denouncing the pressures by the United States about the European Union.

The leak is aimed at putting an end to the lack of transparency of negotiations, lasting for 3 years. Until now knew each other European pretensions, but remained in secret the United States position on key aspects of the agreement. Last night, the ecologist organisation designed the documents on the walls of the Bundestag, the German Federal Parliament. This morning, were published on the website of the NGO.

The over 240 pages of text, referring to Greenpeace, Washington pressures to reduce the European standards of environmental protection, fo od security and health. The documents show that the United States wants to give more power to the European regulators, to the detriment of national legislators. The ecologist Organisation warns that the documents contain "significant risks to the climate, the environment and consumer protection", as the cultivation of GMOs. Suggests that "both parties create a system that puts profit ahead of the lives and health of humans, animals and plants".

#Climate protection seemsabsent from#TTIP papers. DidEU & US alreadyforgetParis?? #TTIPleaks #Greenpeace pic.twitter.com/2KhMyxhEaZâ€" Greenpeace Nederland (@GreenpeaceNL) 2 de maiode 2016

#Climate protection seemsabsent from#TTIP papers. DidEU & US alreadyforgetParis?? #TTIPleaks #Greenpeace pic.twitter.com/2KhMyxhEaZ

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