sábado, 21 de maio de 2016

RAID the opposition labor ignites electoral campaign in Australia

Police searched yesterday two offices members of the labour party in Melbourne, in a leak investigation on alleged abuses in the renewal of the country's broadband network.

Faced with the revolt of the opposition, the interim Prime Minister, the Liberal Party Malcolm Turnbull dismissed any political interference in the investigation:

"My job is to ensure that the police do their work without any pressure or political interference. The police was informed of new evidence and decided to investigate them, execute warrants and carry out raids, within its powers to arrive at its conclusions ".

The renewal of the broadband network in the country, the Office of the former Minister of communications and the current head of Government, has become a campaign argument in recent days.

Labour, which denounced the mismanagement of the contract deny have filtered documents confidential and have submitted a complaint announced in court.

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