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Survivors pulled from the rubble in Nairobi

Three women and a man were rescued from the rubble of the building which collapsed six days in Nairobi, Kenya. According to the police the total number of dead rises to 39. 70 people still missing and 140 have been rescued.

Great News! Woman rescued alive 6 days after being trapped inside the rubble of the collapsed building in Huruma

Even overnight rescue operations continue. Police believe there may be more survivors:

"We rescued rabbits from the rubble of the building and to me that's a sign that there is life inside. If they are alive means there is oxygen circulation, and it is possible to find people alive ", responsible fo r rescue operations.

Rescuers at collapsed buiding in Huruma, rescued 9 rabbits alive. Hope of life under the rubble. Photo:Pius Masai

Kenya Red Cross takes 9 rescued rabbits to temporary animal shelter (KSPCA).

I've found people alive. The first to be saved, this Thursday, in the middle of the afternoon, was a pregnant woman who lost her baby. Despite this tragedy, it's OK. How do you explain the husband:

"My wife is safe, I know you're right because I went to the doctor and asked if she would recognize me and she was the one to answer saying that I was her husband, who knew me," explains Stephen Onyango

The hope of finding survivors but the debris are also persists removed bodies.

The searches were extended to Mathare River, fearing that the people, in panic, were shot when the six-story building collapsed due to heavy rains and poor quality of construction.

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