sexta-feira, 6 de maio de 2016

Syria: air raid the refugee camp causes dozens of dead

At least 28 people were killed on Thursday, including women and children, a military bombardment of an IDP camp in northern province of Idleb, Syria indicated the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

The non-governmental organization didn't need if the planes were fighting the Syrian army or the air force.

The air strike hit an IDP camp near the village of Sarmada, North of Idleb, almost totally controlled by the front of al-Nusra, Syrian arm of Al-Qaida, and their allies.

This bombing match with a 48-hour truce today started in the city of Aleppo that, over the past 13 days, was the most punished by airstrikes of the forces loyal to the Government in Damascu s.

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