quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2016

Syria: Kurdish peshmerga are approaching the outskirts of Raqqa

The peshmerga militias and their allies in northern Syria did withdraw the jhiadistas in the súburbios of the city, in an offensive in three directions on the proclaimed "capital" of the self-styled "Caliphate".

The first step is to take control of the triangle formed by the city of Tel Abiad, 17 Division through the village of Ain Aisa, North of Al Raqqa, before advancing towards the Center, maybe in the next few days.

Images of an airbase Syria disclosed by Stratfor, an American company specializing in intelligence, suggests that twenty-four helicopters and trucks were burned in base T-4, also known as the Tiyas, strategically located in the Centre of the country, between the cities of Homs and Palmyra.

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