quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2016

The pink diamond worth 28 million

Diamonds are forever ... And increasingly expensive. A pink diamond, quite rare, a new record for the sale of a stone of this type, to be auctioned in Geneva for about 28 million euros, a value within the predictions. The play has more than 15 carats.

The buyer was an investor in Asia, who bid by phone.

"This diamond comes from the Kimberley region, in South Africa. It is very rare because of the tone and color distribution in stone. The size and purity are also very rare, "says Ehud Laniado, Cora International, the company that sold the stone.

In addition to this diamond, Sothebys auctioned off many other rocks in this semianual sale of diamonds. However, mo st did not reach the minimum price fixed by the sellers. In all, sales raised about to 156 million euros.

Someone just paid $32 million for this pink #diamond https://t.co/uNnWfYuVzS pic.twitter.com/iultpB68H0

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