quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2016

Ukraine intends to swap two imprisoned Russians in Russia owned pilot

The two Russian prisoners, pardoned Ukraine with the purpose of the change by the pilot Nadiya Savchenko. The news is advanced by the agency Reuters, quoting a source close to the exchange of prisoners, as well as by several Russian media.

The two prisoners in question â€" which Reuters says treat yourself to Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov, two Russian special forces soldiers â€" will be aboard the plane carrying Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for the city of Rostov-on-the-Don, in southern Russia, near the border with the Eastern Ukraine.

The release of Savchenko, required by several Western countries, will alleviate tensions between Moscow and the West, a few weeks of a date on which the European Union should decide about t he extension of sanctions to Russia.

Savchenko, considered national heroine in Ukraine, was sentenced to 22 years in prison by a Russian court.

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