quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2016

Ukraine: Two years of a war with no end in sight

In Ukraine, the war between the army and the separatists pró-russos lasted for two years. 9300 dead; one and a half million refugees and the conflict has no end in sight.

It all started when the then-President, Viktor Yanukovic, suspended the signing of the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. A decision that has angered the Ukrainian who didn't hesitate to go out and demonstrate. In the Face of police repression, clashes broke out quickly, with a dramatic balance than a hundred dead.

With the help of the European Union, the country prepares for early presidential elections, but the escape of Yanukovic precipitates the events.

With a n interim Government in Kiev, Vladimir Putin talks of coup and threatened with the use of all possible options, including the force.

Hence the annexation of Crimeira, all it took was just one month. A referendum in the territory put the peninsula in the hands of Moscow and ignited the separatist calls in the border areas between the two countries, particularly in Louhansk and Donetsk.

Referendums were also organized in these regions, but Ukraine was not willing to cut your territory.

Petro Poroshenko, elected may 25, decides to send immediately the army to rebel regions. It was the beginning of the war, with violent battles on the outskirts of Soviansk and Donetsk and the fighting have multiplied throughout the border region .

The slaughter in Eastern Ukraine, the plane that was flight MH 17 between Amsterdam and Kuala Lampur gives a new dimension to the conflict. The Russia is target of sanctions by Western countries, who attempt an agreement between Putin and Poroshenko.

A first ceasefire was negotiated in Minsk, in Belarus, in September 2014, but has never been respected. Five months later there was another commitment, but never completely silenced weapons.

The continued clashes in the region leave populations hostages of a quaotidiano very difficult living conditions and prevent the thousands who left to return home.

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