quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2016

Italy grants status to gay couples

For the first time, Italy recognises a status to same-sex couples. The Parliament voted in favour of the new law, after having approved the motion of confidence to the Government of Matteo Renzi.

The Prime Minister had made this law a workhorse and had done depend on the continuation of the Government's approval of the measure.

The associations for the defence of rights of homosexuals are: "it's a historic day for the rights of families, such as when they approved the divorce or abortion. That's a big change for Italy and a leap forward in civil rights, "said Aurelio Mancuso, of Equality" Italy ". For the leader of "Arcigay", Gabriele Piazzoni, "is a major step forward. A historic step. There is still a long way to go until the complete equa lity, but this is a good starting point ". Others, like Maria Laura Annibali, "Di Gay Project", regretted that the law goes further: "it is a great joy, but it would be even greater if you consider the adoption of children of our friends, men and women from the community of the Rainbow".

The Italy was one of the last countries in Europe where the law has not yet stated a status to same-sex couples. After all, the new law establishes is civil unions and not the wedding, that is, a recognition of de facto unions, both to hetero couples as homosexual and a civil ceremony for same-sex couples, however different from marriage.

The change comes after months of debate and demonstrations by the lobbies, both against as in favour of gay marriage.

In a deeply Catholic country where the Church still has a great influence, the more conservative community hosted a "family day" in January, with demonstrations across the country. The demonstrations followed, too, on the side of the proponents of change.

Another grant of Renzi to conservatives is, for now, the removal of the coadoção of the biological children of one of the elements on the part of gay couples. Although possible, the coadoção is not automatically accepted and must be analyzed case-by-case basis.

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