segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

United Kingdom celebrates Queen's birthday with big show

The United Kingdom continues to celebrate the 90° anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. Began on Thursday the event involving 900 horses and more than 1500 actors, musicians and dancers from around the world.

"The Queen has become the British monarch for more years on the throne in September last year and opinion polls show that she is a popular figure â€" and loved â€" for many Brits, with about 70% of the support the continuation of the monarchy", stressed the Euronews reporter, Andrea Bolitho.

The monarchists welcome with the popularity of the Royal family, while Republicans say it may end soon.

"The popularity of the monarchy at this time shows that the Bri tish want the monarchy. Politicians come and go. The monarchy is like a good bottle of wine. Improves with age ", says Ian Roberts of the British Monarchist League.

"The Queen is now 90 years old and in a monarchy we must start thinking about what will happen next and I think the monarchy itself is worried about it. They know that this is going to be a problem for them, since a King Charles won't be so popular ", Graham Smith of the Republic Group, which advocates the end of monarchy.

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