sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2016

A giant panda cub is born in Belgium

The little panda is a male, weighs 121 grams and has been enjoying with breast milk.

The images of the mother, the young Hao Hao, 6 years, with the baby, described as a "little pink sausage" have been around the world, after broadcast by the Zoo and the Centre of Investigaçõ and conservation of giant Pandas.

The Belgium thus becomes the third European country where born a giant panda bear in the last 20 years, after Austria and Spain.

There are currently less than 2 1000 copies of pandas in the wild.

Eric Domb, Pairi Daiza the Zoo Director, said, in statements to the press that this is a magic moment. "

The small gestaçõ was possible after a process of artificial insemination with semen from the male Xing Hui, who lives with Hao Hao at the Zoo.

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