sábado, 4 de junho de 2016

Venezuelans protest in the streets for lack of food

In the center of Caracas protesters shouted "we want food"

"This morning a guard assaulted me, hit me in the chest. Look how I'm doing. But no matter, the strength is in the drive. We will continue to advance because Venezuelans are tired of so much humiliation. We're going to keep moving forward, "said protester Dayalin Chirinos district.

The police charged on demonstrators and used tear gas to dispel the Miraflores Palace, in downtown Caracas.

Although the country has the largest oil reserves in the world, Venezuelans suffer a shortage of consumer goods, while they have to deal with the largest worldwide inflation and an economy in recession.
Also on Thursday, the Venezuelan electoral authorities cancelled a crucial meeting that could pave the way for a referendum to push President Nicolas Maduro.

The meeting between the representatives of the Democratic Unity table (MUD), majority centre-right coalition in Parliament, and the National Electoral Council (CNE) was cancelled 5 minutes before the appointment and postponed indefinitely.

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