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Angola: Supreme Court frees remaining 16 activists and Luaty Beirão

The Angolan Supreme Court ordered the release of 17 activists, including the lusoangolano Luaty Beirão, who were serving time since 28 March for alleged sedition and Association of malefactors. Convicted with penalties up to eight and a half years in prison, the activists had planned to move the Supreme Court to July 5 and ask for explanations by the habeas corpus asking for their release and that would be under consideration for 2 months. The decision, after all, anticipated this visit.

The Portuguese section of Amnesty International welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court of Angola to release the 17 activists convicted of rebellion, but the Executive Director has ensured that the Organization will continue to fight for unconditional release. The head of Amnesty International (AI) Portugal, Pedro Neto, told Lusa have rec eived "very, very, much joy" the news. "We welcome the collective Supreme judges by that decision, it seems, unanimous," he said, whereas the decision represents "a big step forward in the process" and "a very significant and important step".

Family, friends and lawyers outside the chain of Luanda awaiting release of activists

Pedro Neto said to still be trying to figure out the contours of this liberation, referring to the activists should be subject to term of identity and residence. "We continue to insist on the unconditional freedom, because this trial made no sense and they are not guilty of anything. That's why we hit ", guaranteed.

For Portugal, the process THERE "not over". "We will continue to work until it is unconditional freedom and human rights and justice are somehow restored," promised Kamil.

The Executive Director of the Organization pointed out that last week, in a meeting sponsored by the Organization in Lisbon, the daughter of one of the activists arrested. "As soon as I got this news, I remembered the child and probably will soon be able to hug his father. And that's why we hit, "he said.

The Angolan Supreme Court upheld the ' habeas corpus ' presented by the defense of 17 activists Angolans and ordered his release, announced the Lusa lawyer Michele Francisco. "I can announce that I just got the call from the Supreme Court saying it will be released. Is confirmed and I will now watch outside, "he told Lusa the Attorney, alluding to the response to the ' habeas corpus ' which was to be decided since April, requesting that the activists stand on freedom of decision resources to condemnation, for rebellion and Association of malefactors.

The same information was also confirmed to Lusa by defense lawyer David Mendes, who said not knowing yet the arguments to the Supreme Court.

Defense confirms release of activists today https://t.co/44rRfB162O #RAPolítica pic.twitter.com/NjrqZZu5Yg

Most of the young activists was arrested on 20 June 2015, in a police operation in Luanda. The 17 ended up sentenced to imprisonment for acts preparatory to an effective rebellion and Association of wrongdoers (footer record news of the conviction of Luaty Beirão). Started immediately doing time, in spite of the appeal lodged on the s ame day for the defense.

MEP Marisa Matias (left bloc) welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court of Angola to release the 17 activists convicted of rebellion. "It's the least you could do justice," said ex-candidada also the Portuguese Presidency, assuming "very happy."

Good! #Angola #PresosPoliticos pic.twitter.com/lpGWo1wjSl

"We have long struggled here in the European Parliament for this day to come and these political prisoners were released," said Lusa Marisa Matias, assuming that this decision was "more than expected". "It's the least you could do justice", MEP, who defended endorsed the resolution adopted last year by the European Parliament, on the "incessant attempts" of the Angolan authorities to limit th e freedoms of speech, of the press and of peaceful assembly and of Association.

Marisa Matias stressed that the release of the activists is "very important", but "it's just one more step" in the process, that "it's not over". For dancing, is about "a matter that goes far beyond what is reasonable in terms of not allowed freedom of expression and Association". "There was no legal reason to keep them locked up, not to be a political issue. I'm glad you won justice, argued.

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