quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2016

Bombing attributed to the HEY causes dozens of dead in Istanbul Airport

The Group Islamic State (EI) can be at the source of the attack that hit the airport of Istanbul, according to the Turkish authorities.

At least 36 people died and more than 140 were injured after three suicide bombers have triggered explosive charges in the international terminal and a parking lot to the Terminal.

The men, armed with machine guns, hand grenades and explosives belts, would have fired on several people before detonating the bombs.

Two videos, disseminated through social networks, show the moment of the explosion inside the Terminal.

Ataturk Airport v ideo of the explosion ... pic.twitter.com/j2lVXomTdN

Live images taken at Atatürk Airport bomb attack is seen running in the opposite direction before people. pic.twitter.com/PqPMWvPNre

A second video shows one of the attackers was shot by police before he set off his explosive belt (violent images).

Here's those moments. There he would be worse things, maybe the police vurmasa the bomber. #AtaturkHavalimani #terörelanetolsun pic.twitter.com/7hyBzbq6iK

A witness reports:

"I was sealing my bags when I heard the explosion. The police said t hat we slept on the floor. The machine that seals the luggage was in metal and protected us from the exchange of fire between police and the attackers. I saw someone who was shot by me and then I saw the bomb explode inside the x-ray machine. The explosion killed everyone who was in the area. I got up and when I looked out the window I saw another shooting ".

A Turkish airport, Internet, published on social networks this image of a Kalashnikov submachine gun abandoned on the ground, apparently belonging to one of the attackers.

I'm going to ask you one thing! How did our perfume genius sokamadığımız this airport? pic.twitter.com/BkVCSNas9l

Another video shows one of the attackers walking the site of the bombing, armed with a machine gun.

pt #Turkey | Another video about the attack in #Ataturk airport - media pic.twitter.com/WKbnlUxvbe

Among the victims are several foreigners, although the majority is of Turkish nationality.

Of the more than one hundred injured, at least six were in critical condition tonight.

The Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, a visit to the airport after the attack, rejected a security flaw:

"Investigations indicate that this attack was carried out by the Group Islamic State. There was no security holes. The fact that the bomber s have bombs and guns increased the gravity of the situation ".

The terrorist action, which was not claimed, is the 11th and one of the deadliest recorded in the country since June last year.

The attack occurred a few hours after Turkey have allowed NATO to strengthen patrolling the country's border with Syria, to prevent the entry and exit of jihadists.

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