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Armenia raises the tension between Turkey and Germany

"Do we have a problem with the so-called" Armenian genocide "? We don't have that problem. We're comfortable about it. The Germany is a country where more than 3 million Turks. If she (Germany) take the bait (referring to vote 02 June by Parliament of Germany about the possibility of recognizing that the Armenians fortam victims of genocide), it is clear that this will harm the future of our diplomatic relations, economic, trade, political and military, "declared the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This isn't the first time that Turkey is angry about the subject. Previous polls in other countries, caused the temporary withdrawal of ambassadors. This time it's with Germany and, having regard to the relations between the two countries, the issue is particularly sensitive. Given the migratory crisis reaches Europe, so me observers question the moment chosen by German members.

Last year, the German President had started the process to recognize the term genocide. In the centennial celebrations, Yerevan received an audience of Heads of State, all defenders of the Armenian cause. In the same period, the Pope Francisco described it as the first genocide of 20 century (happened between 1915-1918 under the Ottoman Empire). According to the Armenians, 1.5 million of their people were killed. For the Turkey was a civil war whose swing has not passed the 800,000 dead, between the two sides.

In addition to the battle of numbers, is the diplomatic war that increases the tension. 25 countries have already recognized the existence of a genocide. The first was Uruguay, in 1965, most recently to Germany. Most have recognized by resoluti on of Parliament. Only 4 countries by legislation.

International institutions also took advantage. Has been recognized by the European Parliament, in 1987, and also by the Council of Europe and the MERCOSUR Parliament. However, the UN never did officially. The issue continues to divide the international community.

Some countries, like the United Kingdom and Israel refuse to compromise relations with Ankara. Portugal and Brazil also did not officially recognize the genocide.

How will react the 3 million Turks who live in Germany? After the Germany acknowledged that the Armenians were victims of genocide, as will be affected relations between Ankara and Berlin? Are questions that only the future can give.

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