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#Brexit: Jose Mourinho lost 700 1000 euros per year in 24 hours

The Portuguese economic publication recalls that the Portuguese coach signed in late may a contract for three seasons with the old Club of Cristiano Ronaldo. The link with the "red devils" includes an annual salary of 10 million pounds and this value no one played.

Mourinho lost 700 1000 euros with the Brexit https://t.co/fGKfSY2iMs

The problem was the referendum on Thursday. The British voted by "Brexit", the process by which became known the desire of a part of his Majesty's Kingdom want to pèôr end to a marriage of more than 40 years with the European Union. The "Yes" to "divorce" won and financial markets react. In the negative.

The exchange va lue fell to chop this Friday morning. If the May 25, a British pound was worth EUR 1.3175, recalls the business journal, this Friday it dropped to 1.2477 euros. If the unit doesn't look like much, in 10 million pounds this depreciation amounts to EUR 698 1000.

As a caveat to Portuguese publication, unless the contract of Mourinho has a clause that safeguards the coach of any câmbiais fluctuations in less than 24 hours of Mourinho's contract with Manchester United suffered a hull breach rounded to 700 1000 euros in annual compensation. It's not that you need, but it must hurt.

The financial impact of the departure of the United Kingdom of the European UInião should cause other damage, in particular on possible signings that the English clubs still intend to do. The Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for example, may have signed a contract with Manchester United and is now also doing the math to life to what will be lost if not hunkered down for an eventual descent of the pound.

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Brits leave the EU because already have Jose Mourinho and don't need anything else in Europe https://t.co/xHgBP6kXb3

Indignant Jose Mourinho horrified to discover no on e talking about him, AmhRichardson reports for <a href="https://twitter.com/FourFourTwo">FourFourTwo.https://t.co/9XgFv8DZpe</a>

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